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He is not Ganesha, Shiva's son! He is Gajavaktran, one of the chieftains in Vishvaksenar's army, and one of the sentries in Sri Vaikuntam! Seen here are the Thirumazhisai Jagannatha Perumal Temple.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sriman Narayana is the Brahman

Srimathe Raamaanujaaya Nama:
I bow to Kuresan, the mahatma that gave his eyes to save the SriSampradayam. who established in Kirumikanda cholan's court that Sriman Narayanan is the paratattvam when the King asked him to signoff on "shivaat parataram naasti"

1.The word Narayana means (naaraa: + ayana) “The basis of all things that exist.” By the meaning of the name, the Supreme Brahman, the cause of creation, the cause of this world's existence, in
whom all the universes will finally blend and rest (Please remember that this includes the
people of other religions on earth, and if there do exist, people of other religions that are
followed on other planets in other universes also!!!)

2.He is the propagator of Sattva guna, the guna that leads you to the “right” knowledge; On
the contrary compare with Brahma who is the propagator of Rajas, and Shiva the propagator of
Tamas. Worshipping them can only lead to incorrect knowledge about who is the root cause of
the universe, the only God our scriptures, the vedas, tell you to worship.

3.Sriman Narayana’s avatar is Vishnu. Vishnu comprehensively defeated Shiva in a celestial
war once upon a time. Brahma and the Devas were all witnesses to this war. Simply with the
sound of “Hoomm” Vishnu disarmed Shiva, who accepted his defeat and went back. This story is
told to Rama by Parasurama when the two meet after Rama’s marriage to Sita (in Sri Ramayana).

4.Again in Sri Ramayana, Ram (avatar of Sriman Narayana) breaks the “shiva bow” in the Sita
swayamvar.This bow originaly belonged to Shiva who gave it to Janaka's ancestors.

5.Shiva has killed his own Bhaktas (Tripurasuras). Sriman Narayana has always protected His
Bhaktas. Even when Brighu muni kicks Him on his chest, He held the muni’s leg and comforted
his leg which must have been in pain having kicked the Supreme Brahman! Many Shiva Bhaktas
were slain by Sriman Narayana. None of Sriman Narayan Bhaktas were or will ever be slain by

6.Shiva goes to cremation grounds every night and applies the ashes from burnt dead-bodies on
himself – a curious (tamasic) practice that his own wife Parvati questions and dislikes.

7.Shiva’s another name is Rudra. It means one who runs and cries. He got the name because he
thought he was a very unclean person and was not satisfied with the names that Brahma gave
him initially. So he cried and ran around asking for more names. That is when he was named as
Shiva, which means bestower of auspiciousness. None of Shiva’s name comes even close to the
meaning “basis of existence” that Narayana means.

8.“AUM” is the best mantra according to the Vedas and most people know that it is the mantra
that signifies creation. What does it mean? A stands for Narayana (akaaraartho Vishnu:, and
akshaaraaNaam akaarosmi), U stands for “Exists ONLY for" (U is called vyakta chaturthi
vibhakti. Reference: Sanskrit Grammer by Panini), M stands for Jeevatma. This mantra
establishes that the Jeevatma exists ONLY FOR Narayana. Therefore worshipping anybody else
other than Sriman Narayana is against the true nature of human beings who are all nothing but

9.Sriman Narayana transformed a part of HIS own body into the world that we live it. When the
whole entire world (universe) is part of HIS body, stating that He is the only God to be
worshipped is the truth and not radical! By that definition,all Gods worshipped in Hinduism,
and by other religions are also part of His body! (Remember, they are only but a miniscule
part of His body and not HIM ...equanimity with HIM is/was/will be never an option)

10.Sriman Narayana first created (from his body) the moola-prakirti, that transformed into
Mahan, that transformed into Ahankar, that then transformed into the 5 senses, 5 sense-
intellects, and 5 primary elements – space, air, water, fire, and land. After he created all
that, then he created Brahma, gave him the Vedas and told him to expand the creation.
Brahma's first sons were the Sanat Kumaras. Brahma asked them to expand the creation but they
refused stating that they want to meditate and dedicate their life to Sriman Narayana who is
the Supreme Brahman.

11.Brahma got angry with Sanat Kumaras and from the “anger” Shiva was born, from the intense
heat of Brahma’s forehead. That is why he is said to be "short-tempered".

12.Ravana of Sri Ramayana was a great Shiva Bhakta. He got numerous boons from Shiva.
However, when he asked for the ultimate boon of “Moksha”, Shiva refused stating that “That is
Sriman Narayana’s department”.

13.Markandeya was another great shiva Bhakta. When he wanted Moksha, Shiva referred him to
Sriman Narayana.

14.Gantakarna was a “pishach (type of ghost?)” but a great shiva bhakta and Vishnu hater that
he used to a wear a bell on his ear. Whenever he realized somebody was about to utter
Vishnu/Narayana’s name, he would turn his head and the bell would ring in his ear helping him
to avoid hearing Vishnu/Narayana’s name. Pleased with his devotion when Shiva asked him what
he wanted. When he asked for Moksha, Shiva referred him to Krishna. Gantakarna met Krishna at
Badrinath and attained Moksha. There is a shrine for Gantakarna at the Badrinath temple.

15.In the Banasura war, the entire Shiva family including Parvati, Skanda, and Ganesha fight
against Krishna. Parvati takes the form of Kaali to fight that war. Even Agni devata joins
the war on Shiva’s side. All of them were comprehensively beaten and chased away by Krishna.

16.Brahma used to have 5 heads. Shiva also had 5 heads. Feeling jealous of his own father,
Shiva took out one of Brahma’s heads. Brahma cursed Shiva that the head he took out will get
stuck to shiva’s hand. To get rid of the curse, Shiva travels the 14 worlds of this universe
begging for mercy. That is when he got the name “Kapaleeshwara”. That name was given to him
so that people worshipping him can remember his deed and his curse! That curse was finally
removed at Badrinath where a Sriman Narayana let a drop of his sweat fall on the skull in his
hand. The Skull cracked into several pieces and fell down. That place where one of the pieces
fell, near Bardinath is called Brahma Kapalam. You can still visit that place till today!
This story tells how auspicious is the bestower of auspiciousness.

17. Brahama has a life-span after which he will die. He lives 100 Brahma years which roughly
equals 311 trillion human years. The present Brahma is 51 years of age. That means roughly
155 trillion years have been completed in the present creation. Shiva also lives the same age
as Brahma. At the end of 100 Brahma years there will be a maha-pralayam. All the existing
universes will be destroyed. The order of destruction is the reverse order of creation. All
Jeevatmas right up to Shiva and Brahma will swallowed by Sriman Narayana.After that, He will
swallow the prakriti in that order it was created. Space is the last element that will be
swallowed in Prakriti. We famously called the trinity in Hinduism as creator, operator and
destroyer. If Sriman Narayana is swallowing Brahma and Shiva and destroying everything from
created world to even space, who is the real destroyer? Shiva or Narayana? If Narayana
created Brahma, who is the real-creator? Brahma or Narayana? Therefore Narayana is the real
creator, protector, and destroyer - the single trinity. Inside Brahma He exists as antaryami
with the name Anirudha. Within Shiva He exists as antaryami with the name Sankarshana.His
form as Pradhyumna becomes Vishnu the Protector.

17. The Vedas unanimously proclaim Sriman Narayana as the Supreme Brahman. (Purusha Sukta
sings His praise only) as the one without a second! When He is without a second, how can
anyone even proclaim there can be second GOD or anybody else as The GOD? Naaraayanopanishad
goes on further to state - "Ekohavai naaraayaNa aaseet, na brahma, na eesana:" It not only
estblishes that Only naaraayana was there, it even negates the prior existence of Brahma and
Shiva (Eesana here).

18. If you still disagree with that, and are a Shiva worshipper or a worshipper of anybody
other than “Sriman Narayana” (or belong to another religion) you can ask your respective God
itself to show you who the Supreme Brahman, the only God that is to be worshipped is. They
will all say, in unison, “Sriman Narayana”. However, you need a lot of Sattva Guna to hear
their answer! (BTW, Shiva and Brahma both are Narayana Bhaktas, know that He is the Supreme
Brahman, and both meditate on him regularly to achieve their own Mokshas. Neither of them
even know what Sri Vaikuntha looks like or where it is! They are also living their prarabdha
karma much like you and me!)

19. We are living in a world which was created from a part of Sriman Narayana’s body. You and
I are all a part of His Body! He lives within each of us as Antaryami, observing each of our
statements and action. What is wrong in considering us traitors if we don’t even acknowledge
the source of our origin (let alone His Supremacy)! When our Atma belongs to HIM and is His
property, if we consider it our own, are we not stealing something that belongs to HIM? Still worse, if we say it belongs to somebody else, not only are we stealing, but aslo telling a lie that the stolen object belongs to somebody else!

19. 99.99% of the world is asleep in Tamo guna running after everything else in life except
that antaryami sitting inside of us and observing each of our thoughts and actions. To a
world immersed in tamo guna, truth may sometimes sound radical. Can't help it!

20. Finally, I would like to share one good thing I have known in my life: my
request/prescription/suggestion to the world immersed in Tamo guna is "please make an attempt
to grow some sattva guna and as you keep growing in it, the true knowledge will reveal

I signoff - praying to Sriman Narayana, to bestow auspiciousness and happiness
on all life forms in leela-vibhuti.

Azhwar Thiruvadigale Charanam, Emperumaanar Thiruvadigale Charanam, Jeeyar Thiruvadigale
Charanam. Satyam Satyam puna: Satyam Yatiraajo Jagatguru: