Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is the proof or evidence that God exists?

Charuvaka's or Atheists claim that we cannot see (or touch or feel or smell or hear etc.) God and therefore He does not exist.  Abrahamic religions ride partially on Charuvaka's arguments to deride Hindu Gods. Hindus are confused about who is God because of the sheer number of them (33 crores?) who are all collectively referred to as God and many of them even have temples where they are worshipped and revered. But the few Hindus that know some vedanta agree that eventually there is only one God - and that it is He/She that manifests in so many forms (33 crore+) for different purposes. They also agree that He/She is in each one of us as Antaryami or Soul or Self or Atma - whatever technical jargon they want to use.  At the end of the day, 99.9% of the world, irrespective of the religion they choose to live by, wants evidence of God's existence. The lack of evidence is the primary reason why Atheists call the theists as "blind followers".

Swami Nammazhvar says there is no dearth of Gods in this world. What one accomplishes at the end of this life depends on the God that he/she chooses to worship. In other words, most of these Gods that people worship, have limitations on what favors they can give/grant to their worshippers. 

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Mohan Sagar said...

True to Veda, there is only one God, Who can be worshiped in whatever form one wishes. the key is to hold on to that one form as the One God. We Hindus, however, choose to worship many forms at one time, turning the philosophy of Vedanta into cutting deals with the gods, my money for their blessings.

Devoid of a true understanding of One God, one can convince oneself that he/she is God, too, making the role of a universal morality irrelevant, providing adequate justification that ours is little more than an evolved paganism.